Our Mission is
to Change Rentals

Rentable is a real estate technology company serving renters and property owners nationwide since 2012.

That’s what we do. But what is Rentable, really?

Rentable is a motivated company seeking to improve upon traditional methods of apartment hunting, with the ultimate goal of empowering renters nationwide by creating an impeccably simple apartment search experience.

That’s who we really are.

We operate today for a very simple reason: apartment hunting in our hometown of Madison, Wisconsin was nearly impossible in 2012. From searching on Craigslist to using other listing sites that lacked any halfway decent inventory, we’d had enough.

We knew there had to be a better way — so we built it ourselves.

We created a renter-friendly way to find an apartment, by producing a modern, user-friendly interface to make apartments incredibly easy to find.

It was our mission to help renters nationwide, so we knew expansion beyond Madison had to occur.

Today, Rentable helps millions of renters across the entire country and serves thousands of property owners and property management companies by connecting them with interested renters, market data, and technology services.

Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, Rentable has raised more than $10 million in capital from investors including American Family Venture, Flyover Capital, and 4490 Ventures, among others.

Our team is comprised of software development, data management, and real estate experts.

Our Technology

Rentable offers renters free web software and mobile apps for Android and iPhone. For landlords, Rentable offers a market data service called ApartmentIQ. We take privacy and security seriously

and all of our user and payment data is protected. We never share our user data with 3rd parties and protect the privacy of our users in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

iOS & Android Apps

Available in the Play Store and App Store. Free to install. Fast & flexible.


Our simple, fast, & easy web interface for searching and finding rentals.


Market data and competitive intelligence for property owners and managers.

Our Leadership Team
Our Backing

Rentable is backed by partners with considerable financial resources and plenty of real estate and technology expertise.

Our Company Values

Rentable prides itself on being a trusted partner to its clients and customers, a trusted employer to its employees, and a trusted member of the Madison, Wisconsin business community. As a company, we have a true commitment to the relationship that makes a positive difference in the lives of people and businesses we work with.

Our team prides itself on accountability, daily progress, integrity and improving our knowledge-base every single day for the benefit of our customers and employees, with a true "get it done" attitude.

At Rentable, our team is filled with people from all different backgrounds. We believe that anyone who can do the job should be given the chance. Regardless of gender, ability, disability, race or anything else that typically differentiates groups of people, we pride ourselves on working together in a fully inclusive manner to accomplish a singular mission.

We’re here to take the agony out of apartment hunting for renters nationwide.
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